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I got these to replace the mack ear plugs for my 2 yr old son who has tubes. The mack ones were horrible and hard and he fought me every time he had to take a shower. These are shofter, not quite what i expected, but he didn't fight as much any more, andhe loves shower/bath time. Going to get the headband next. 

Erin C 

Puddy Buddies and Ear Band-it provide a protective ear system that keeps water out of your years great for swimers earI would just like to say thank you to Dr Malkoff and his company. My daughter has had ear problems since birth. The continued infections, burst the drum, left so much scar tissue that after the tubes, the incision would not close on the right ear. After one tempanoplasty, which was not a success, and finding approximately 90 - 95% damage, she is now left with a perforated eardrum. We will try the surgery again, but not for another year and a half, until she is between 16 - 17 years old. In the meantime, we have been through the swim caps, the name calling, and the years of being left out. Since the ear band-it, recommended by her doctor, she has been able to be the sporty, outgoing, happy girl that life intended her to be; without having to be so self-conscious about the way she looks. She says "The ear band-it is cool, it's like a headband." What's even better is that her friends say it's cool too. (Some have even asked her where she got it so they could get one too, and they don't even have ear problems.) So, I just wanted to say thank you for helping my daughter through life.

Lucinda D

Best earplugs we've ever found. Our 2 year-old has tubes and nothing else works or stays in his ears. Got these from his Dr. Glad I could order them online. 

Lance H

I placed my order on a friday night of a holiday weekend that included monday. I did not order any special shipping and the order was at my door on tuesday. The quality surpassed anything we have bought in the stores. My son said, "Why don't these hurt my ears like the other ones?"


Ear Band-It protects against swimmers ear and are great for kids with tubes in their earsHi! My name is Rose and I live in New Jersey. I purchased your product known as the Ear Band-It when it was just starting about 8 years ago. My daughter, now 12, at the time had a myringotomy! 

I just wanted to tell you that Ear Band-It is wonderful!! It is the best product I have ever purchased in my life. It kept my daughter's ears dry and she never had another ear infection again. (After 36 of them!!) Thank you for such a wonderful product. I will now be ordering more Ear Band-Its as my 17 month old son just had tubes put in and I want to keep them dry! I will also order your new ear plugs! They look wonderful also!


Thank you so much for all that you did to get an ear band-it to me. You made our vacation (especially for my son Jacob) a very enjoyable one. Thanks again for your EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Lisa R 

We have been using these products for the past year on our son Ben. He had tubes put in and loves to swim. He is doing great with them. We are ordering more and some for a friend as well. I can't wait to see how the floating plugs work. We have never lost a putty buddie even without the use of the ear band-it but are glad they are now floatable just in case.

Linda L

My daughter was born with chronic ear infections and has had numerous surgeries on her ears. The ear bandit was a life saver when she wanted to swim. When we did not use the ear bandit and plugs she would always get an ear infection. The ear bandit saved us money on doctor bills, no more ear infections due to swimming, thanks.

Kirstie U

Puddy Buddies are the best thing to happen for us. This is the only kind of ear plugs that will work with my 3 year old. We have tried them all.

Rachel S

I bought three for my girls earlier in the year... I have been asked by people everywhere we go about them, etc. This one is for a 7 year old neighbor who keeps getting swimmers ear. He tried out our bandit and LOVED IT! I can't wait for it to arrive. Thanks so much.

Marianne S

It was great to find your web site. no one near where we live carries these. We bought the first one at the ENT doctor's office. It's lasted for 5 years of hard use. Thanks for such a great product.

Lucas B

kids ear protection to keep water out of your earsI am so excited about earband-it. It has been more than I EVER expected. I have triplet son who had to have tubes in thier ears. They love the water and splash ALOT. I had NO clue how to keep their ears dry. then I found earband-it. It's the most wonderful thing I've ever bought. I have several friends who's kids and grandchildrenh are tubes soon. I have given them all your information and they are planning on ordering too. Thanks again so MUCH!!!!!

Pamela S

I've ordered from JACO several times and I'm always impressed at how easy it is to order on-line from them and how quickly they are able to ship the items! Plus, the ear band-it and puddy buddies are the best invention for keeping kids ears healthy, especially when they have ear tubes! The ordering process was easy and I appreciate the fact that they make their product affordable. My son has tubes in his ears and loves to swim. He would be unable to without the earbandit.

Doug S

Their delivery was sooooo fast! I have purchased their products before & have been very happy with them! From a family with lots of "ear" issues we're happy to have found JACO products. I love the ear band it, my son has had three sets of tubes and this does a great job at keeping the water out! Now, I am getting one for my baby daughter who will need tubes soon too.

Charlotte S

Your floating ear plugs are wonderful! My son has ear tubes and the putty buddies are the only ones that stay in and protect his ears. We're going to one of the largest waterparks in the country this weekend (Kalahari Resort in Wi Dells) - if you'd like to send some samples we'll hand them out (I usually end up giving a pair or two away anyway when I see parents struggling with other brands of plugs.) Thanks!

Shana S

Love your product as always. The newer, improved earplugs are much easier to use.

Jennifer C

My son is on his second set of tubes in his ears. He's had tubes since December 2000. Without your product, he would be unable to swim, and he LOVES to swim. Thank you for providing this product at an affordable price!

Tracy S

We bought a purple Earband-It for one of our triplets and it has been wonderful. Now one of the other boys will need ear tubes. We knew exactly where to look. Thank you for a wonderful product!

Theresa E

It has been a pleasure to do business with JACO Enterprises, delivery is speedy and the merchandise is beyond my expectations ... the ear bandit is a wonderful product!!!!

Shawn H

I just want to let you know how much of a difference your ear plugs and head band-it have made for my little sixteen-month-old daughter, Audree. After receiving ear tubes, we tried several ear plugs, and we could never get any of them to stay in her ears. We were sad for our little Audree, as swimming was out of the question, and living in San Diego, water activities are a major part of our family"s recreation. But, then we came across your Ear Band-It and Putty Buddies, and they are AWESOME! Your products have made such a difference for not only my little girl, but our whole family, as now we"re able to continue creating life-ling memories with swimming lessons, the beach, and fun water activities. Thank you so much- you have truly made a difference.

Mark G

My son has ventilation tubes and he has had them for a yr now and his Dr says at least 6 more months maybe a yr before they come out. I try to let him pick them out so he is more willing to wear them because he is only 2 years old! Thank you for your help and your WONDERFUL PRODUCT! These have helped my son have GREAT SUMMERS and be able to take swim classes! THANK YOU!

Ashley G

I just wanted to say what a wonderful product you have. We were holidaying in Singapore recently and saw a young teenage boy in the resort pool wearing an “earbandit”. Most of the kids in the resort wanted to know where he got it, because they wanted one too. He told us, his mum bought it in a chemist in London, so I thought it would be difficult to find, fortunately I was wrong. Two days into our two week holiday, my 9 year old son became extremely sick with a very bad ear infection and needed to be operated on by an ear, nose and throat surgeon in Singapore. I promised my son that this would never happen again and he asked me in the hospital if, “I could please get him one of the headbands, the kid at the resort had”? I promised him that I would do my best. My son could not swim for the rest of the two week holiday and all of this could have been avoided if I had of known about your product. Needless to say we will never travel again without the “earbandit”.

Tracey R

These ear plugs are wonderful. The ones from our ENT after my son"s surgery didn"t stick well enough for me to be at ease when he was taking a bath due to the amount of splashing he does. A friend mailed me a pair of these. Not only does he not scream when I put them in (as he did with the others), I can bathe him without worrying. Thanks!

Theresa E

Here"s my Putty Buddy Love Story:

Back in late 2005, I had a severe ear infection that migrated into my skull. BTW, I am an adult and this was a rare situation.

I was admitted to the hospital and after a few tests was immediately prepped for surgery. A "simple" mastoidectomy was performed on my left ear and the infected bone was removed, then tubes were inserted in both ears. Plus, the capper was that I was sent home with a PICC line.

Anyway, I was only allowed to shower if I kept the water out of my ears. Even though I am an adult, I have very small ears and very small ear canals. I"ve hated ear plugs all my life because they are uncomfortable, sometimes even painful. I can"t remember how I found out about Putty Buddies, but I bought five pairs in different colors and have loved them ever since.

While the ear tubes are supposed to fall out fairly quickly, mine did not. I had to wear a Putty Buddy for over a year in my right ear every time I showered. I eventually had to buy a new set and I went for all purple, Tube Dawg. If anyone ever mentions needed ear plugs in my hearing, I always make sure to tell them about Putty Buddies and how comfy they are and how easy to use and how well they work.

Keep up the good work.


Marsha K.

Thank you for making such a cool product!! My son had ear tubes put into both of his ears in December of 2010 and the Dr said we had to plug his ears for every bath and swimming for the next year to year and ½. My son did not like anyone touching his ears or head and was not going to let us put anything in them. Thankfully our Dr gave us Putty Buddies to try.

My 2 year old son LOVES them and he loves putting them in himself he tells me “Hello” like he’s talking into a Bluetooth every time he puts them on. And when he takes them out to put in the case he says “cool” J

Thank you for making such a cool product it makes bath time and pool trips a lot less stressful knowing that we don’t have a tantrum coming when it’s time to plug his ears J

Thank you and have a great day!