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-- Swimmers accessories, ear protectors and ear plugs for protection of people with middle ear infections. This is the most effective method for keeping water out. These are head bands and Silicone swimmer’s ear plugs for swimmers, adults, children and baby. When used together, the Putty Buddy reusable ear plugs and the neoprene headband becomes a system that ENT doctors have been prescribing and recommending for years. Anyone with ear infections should have this system. It is also the most effective protection for children with ear tubes. Not only do they recommend this ear system for your baby or children, they recommend these earplugs for adults too. So having ear tubes are not the only reason to buy this silicone reusable system for your children. Anyone with a propensity for ear infections, should have the Ear Bandit ear plugs system with the headbands or head band.

Swimmer’s ear, also known as “otitis media” or “otitis externa”

is a concern for swimmers from children to adults. Otitis media is an inflammation in the inner ear caused by an infection as a result of bacteria trapped inside. Pressure builds up behind the drum. Otitis externa is an inflammation of the canal. It is noticeable by an obvious swelling that is painful to the touch. In severe and untreated cases, the infection can spread to other areas of the face that surround the parotid gland and the jaw joint, and chewing can be painful. Plugs also help prevent this. However, mild external otitis is very common and some physicians believe that most people will have at least a brief episode of it at some point in their life. Most people can avoid external otitis and other infections altogether once they understand how to avoid the ailment which begins with Ear Bandit ear plugs to keep water out! Say goodbye to infections. Say hello to Ear Bandit. This system is also effective for ear molds, ear surgery, face lifts and head and neck surgery. You might need them for otitis exorina, otology, otoplasty, perforated ear drums, plastic surgery and rhytididectomy. And some other people use them for swimmer’s ear, tympanostomy, tympanic membrane perforations, or ventilation tubes.

The Patented Ear Band-It system

employs doctor recommended silicone earplugs in fun colors for children and a stylish neoprene headband to keep the plugs in place. This is a must-have item for children with tubes. Don’t let ear tubes keep your child from swimming. This special swimmer’s ear plugs system is the most effective method ever developed for swimmers from babies to adults. Don’t let swimmer’s ear keep you or your children from enjoying the water again. Ear Band-it a system that is both affordable and effective. You’ll never buy different reusable ear plugs again. And if your child or baby has ear tubes, this system is a must-have! No other ear plugs incorporate this important system of silicone plugs PLUS swimmer’s headband. If you’ve ever seen how easily other plugs wash out of your little swimmer’s ears, then you can understand the essential need for the neoprene swimmer’s head band.

Developed by a pediatric doctor for babies and children with “tubes”

The Ear Band-it system is now the world’s leading recommended method for keeping water out of ears. This ENT product is by far the highest rated by doctors for preventing otitis media and otitis externa, otherwise known as swimmer’s ear. These reusable plugs and swimmer’s head band keep the water out of you or your child or baby’s ears to protect those tubes from transferring water where it shouldn’t be. For a few dollars, you and your family will be safe from the nasty bacterial ear infections lurking below. So enjoy your swims and baths and protect yourself with Ear Band-It!

Today’s Materials

Ear plugs have been made out of wax-soaked cotton. Now with new materials such as foam and silicone, ear plugs are much more effective. Today’s earplugs are easier to keep clean. And earplugs last longer. They fit better and therefore are less likely to fall out. However, not all plugs are better. For example, custom fitted plugs are usually plastic, rather expensive and typically don’t get very good reviews. Foam plugs tend to be difficult to insert, although can be very effective at noise reduction. Polyurethane plugs are easy to insert and do a good job at filling the canal for noise reduction, however still are not the best at keeping water out. Of all the latest materials for ear plugs, soft, silicone plugs are most effective at sealing out water. However, after a while, silicone ear plugs tend to fall out. This is why Ear Band-Its system uses soft, silicone ear plugs and the breathable, neoprene band to keep the plugs in and to further keep the water out.

The Benefits of Silicone

Silicone is a rubber-like chemical compound used in numerous ways. The silicone ear plugs is preferred by swimmers and the medical community because the silicone plugs offers superior performance Silicone is a rubbery, compound used in a wide variety of ways. Earplugs are one product that has benefitted from the silicone revolution. Ear Band It’s Putty Buddies design is available from this website and also from doctors offices and swim shops around the world. Swimmers have never had such an option until Ear Band Its and Putty Buddies came along. Compared to some other plugs on the market, silicone ear plugs typically run a little more expensive, swimmers, pediatricians and ENT (ear, nose and throat) doctors know they offer superior protection, making the slightly higher cost most acceptable. Silicone has a number of features which make it suitable for ear plugs. It is famous for having a memory, which helps it to fill the ear canal completely, because the silicone swells in an attempt to return to its original shape. This means water effectively is sealed out, making it perfect for ear infections, swimmers ear and for children with ear tubes. Silicone is also soft and malleable, which means it is easy to insert and remove ear plugs. Silicone ear plugs are also nontoxic and safe for use, from babies and infants to adults with otitis externa or otitis media. Putty Buddies ear plugs are also great for people who just don’t like the feeling of water in their ears. Most silicone plugs are reusable and heat resistant so they can be boiled or run through a dishwasher for periodic cleaning. The shape of silicone ear plugs varies, and can be easily shaped with your fingers to a wedge shape for inserting. And Putty Buddies come in a variety of fun or non-descript colors.

Silicone earplugs aren’t just for infections, ear tubes or swimmers.

Putty Buddies ear protection plugs are very effective for noise reduction too. They are used by musicians, hunters, and other people in loud environments to help reduce the risk of hearing loss. The softness of silicone plugs mean they’re very comfortable, which makes them ideal for snoring relief overnight, or to plug against other constant loud noise such as garbage trucks, traffic, machinery and aircraft. Putty Buddies and Ear Band Its give you ear protection like none other! Like all ear plugs, Putty Buddies earplugs should be inserted and removed with care. To insert, simply roll the reusable plug between the fingers and then carefully insert. Then hold in place for a moment while the silicone expands. To remove, gently pull the edge of the earplugs down or back to break the seal and the earplugs should fall out.

Otitis Media in Children

Symptoms of otitis media include fever, irritability or fussiness, trouble hearing, pulling or rubbing ears, changes in appetite or sleep, fluid leaking from ears. Your child may have all or just some of these symptoms. If you think your child has an infection, call your doctor who will look at your child’s ear drums. If the doctor notices a bacterial infection because of bus behind the eardrum, your child has ear infections (otitis media), and treatment will begin immediately. Keeping water out with ear plugs is important while swimming or bathing. Other methods just don’t work as well as ear plugs. The doctor may need to insert a needle through the eardrum to remove a sample of the pus from the middle ear for testing. This procedure is called tympanocentesis and can help the doctor decide which antibiotic to use. But again, it will be important for your child to wear plugs while bathing or swimming.

Ear Tubes Treatment

Ear tube surgery is a common procedure. However, surgery is not the first choice of treatment for otitis media. Ear plugs for bathing and swimming are important. Also, antibiotics are often used to treat bacterial ear infections but many infections are viral and cannot be treated with antibiotics. Viral infections typically get better on their own with the help of plugs during water immersion. If your child has frequent ear infections and they don't clear up easily or includes hearing loss or speech delay, surgery may be necessary to drain fluid from the middle ear. A small ventilation tube is inserted. These are commonly referred to as ear tubes. Most kids have had infections in both ears so surgery is often done in both at the same time. This is called a bilateral myringotomy, or BMT. A tiny tube, called a pressure equalization (PE) or tympanostomy tube, is inserted into the eardrum to ventilate and equalize pressure in the middle ear. This will help to prevent future infections and the accumulation of fluid. At the same time, your doctor will tell you it is important to keep the ears dry while the tubes are in place. And he or she will most likely recommend Putty Buddies and the Ear Band Its system. The tiny hole in the eardrum for the tubes will actually help your child hear better. And they are typically kept in place for 8 to 18 months. This is the time when ear plugs are extremely important since there is now a direct pathway for water to be delivered behind the eardrum. Ear plugs are the strongest and first line of defense when for babies or infants wearing ear tubes.

Tympanostomy Surgery

If your child is old enough to understand what surgery is, talk about what happens during ear tube surgery. First of all, your child will receive general anesthesia and the surgery will be performed in a hospital. The entire thing takes about 15 minutes. A small hole will be made in the ear drum and fluid will be suctioned out. Then small metal or plastic ear tubes will be inserted into the hole in each ear drum. There are no stitches necessary. Your child will be moved to the recovery area until he or she wakes up. The total time is just a few hours. Very young children or those with other medical conditions may be kept longer as a precaution.

After Surgery

A tympanostomy tube helps prevent recurring infections by allowing air into the middle ear which helps keep the area dry. Other substances, including water, may sometimes enter through the tube, which is why it is important to use quality ear plugs for swimming and bathing for ear protection. The Ear Band It system of silicone plugs and neoprene ear band was made for this kind of ear protection. In most cases, your child will have fewer serious, if any further ear infections (otitis media.) And if using ear plugs as recommended, he or she should not experience any further ill effects. Typically, surgery to remove tympanostomy tubes isn't necessary. The ear tubes usually fall out on their own as the drums heal. Ear tubes generally stay in anywhere from 6 months to 18 months, depending on the type of ear tubes used. If the ear tubes remain in the drum for more than a couple of, they will likely be removed surgically to prevent a perforation in the ear drums or accumulation of debris around the tubes. Again, ear plugs help to prevent this. Although they are effective in reducing chronic infections (chronic otitis media,) ear tubes are not always a permanent cure for otitis media and some children who need tubes before the age of 2 may need them again. Plugs are the best protection against needing the ear tubes again. Various infections and otitis media can be a serious medical condition and needs to be taken seriously. Never should your baby or child swim without using Ear Band-It’s Putty Buddy reusable ear plugs. These plugs should be worn at all times in the water. Water is not a friend to your inner ear. Dryness is what you want. So plugs are the way to go.

Ear Plugs - The Proper Protection

Most of us swim without ear protection. Although most of us get along just fine, if you’re in the water very often, you will probably develop a case of swimmers ear. Swimmers ear is a painful ailment you are better off without. So for protection against swimmers ear, you should always wear ear plugs. But the majority of plugs simply wash out. But not Putty Buddies with the Bandit system. Putty Buddies ear plugs with the Bandit headband has been used and recommended by doctors for protection while swimming for years. They are the most recommended brand of ear plugs by pediatric doctors all over the world. This is the system no swimmer should be caught in the water without! So whether you are a swimmer, a diver, a person who does not like water in your ears, a child with ear tubes, someone with swimmers ear, an otitis media sufferer, or if you just need to reduce sound where you work or sleep, the Putty Buddies ear plugs are the best reusable ear plugs for you! Accept no other plugs! Home Testimonials Find a Reseller Shop Wholesale About Us Education Shipping & Ordering Contact Us Demo Video Helpful Links Log In ©2009 Jaco Enterprises Inc. Phoenix, AZ All rights reserved. ®
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